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Anticipating AI: How Arrowhead Design Group is Getting Ahead


As technology continues to innovate at an astounding rate, day-to-day people view it with hesitation, worried about the uncertainty of humankind’s future. At an individual level, people are uncertain about their livelihood and the future of their careers.

The question of whether or not AI will replace designers is ever-present in the minds of current folks in the industry. With new AI applications that can design entire brand kits or write copy for a whole website, people in the design field are wary of AI replacing them. While this may be the case in some situations, designers that integrate AI into their work will continue to succeed in the industry. Learning from AI and using it to make their work more efficient is vital for human designers to feel secure in their positions.

One thing that AI will never be able to truly capture is the human aspect of design. A designer is responsible for appealing to the humanity of consumers – AI can only mimic that.  Designers bring the vital empathetic context to succeed in innovating their process.

Rather than viewing AI through the lens of “artificial intelligence,” it’s essential to shift perspective and see it as “augmented intelligence.”  AI is not necessarily an enemy or a threat – it is a tool.

AI is largely about speed and optimization.  By utilizing AI, the designing process is expedited.  Designers are assisted by AI in the brainstorming and conceptualizing phase, helping them gain inspiration faster.  After AI has analyzed vast amounts of data, it will generate suggestions, summaries, design elements, etc., based on all of that information.  Designers can then pick and choose adjustments, phrases, or segments based on the suggestions.

Let’s face it – humans will never be as fast as AI and its ability to learn and predict the behavior of consumers and business owners.  An integral part of AI is machine learning (ML), the ability of computers to make predictions and do tasks without exact instructions. By analyzing endless amounts of information, AI and ML can determine patterns and trends and give suggestions to the user to reach various goals.

Arrowhead has been taking the AI revolution in stride, learning ways to incorporate AI capabilities into our processes.  However, a lot of what we do cannot be replicated by AI and still be of upmost quality.

With state-of-the-art video/photo equipment, the Arrowhead team works in-person with clients to collect custom, high-quality media that best represents what they do.  While AI can gather generic information and media pertaining to a client’s services, it physically cannot achieve the personalization and specifics of our clients that help them appeal to their customers.

The Arrowhead team strives to highlight the personality of our clients and collect and create media that is individualized for their specific needs.  If you’re interested in developing brand materials and/or creating striking and appealing visual content, our team at Arrowhead has you covered.  For more information, a consultation, or a quote, please email with your inquiries.

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