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Arrowhead Design Group Brand Refresh

Project Overview:

After 8 years of dedicating ourselves to helping other businesses transform their logos and brands, we at Arrowhead Design Group decided it was time for some personal wellness. We’re excited to unveil our new logo, a symbol of our growth, innovation, and continued commitment to excellence in design.

Design Inspiration:

Our new logo features a bright, vibrant blue complemented by small touches of orange and yellow. This color palette was chosen to create a welcoming and upbeat look for our clients, reflecting the energetic and positive atmosphere we strive to cultivate. The design also cleverly incorporates the Arrowhead from our name into the negative space of the letter “A”, a subtle yet impactful nod to our brand identity.

Importance of a Branding Refresh:

Refreshing our branding after eight years is more than just a cosmetic update. It’s about enhancing the trust, approachability, and confidence that our clients have in us. Here’s why a branding refresh is important:

  • Staying Relevant: In a fast-evolving market, keeping our brand fresh ensures we stay relevant and appealing to both new and existing clients.
  • Reflecting Growth and Innovation: Our new logo symbolizes our journey and growth as a company. It showcases our innovative approach and commitment to staying ahead of design trends.
  • Building Trust and Approachability: A modern, well-thought-out brand design fosters trust and approachability. It signals to clients that we are a forward-thinking and reliable partner in their branding journey.
  • Boosting Confidence: A refreshed brand boosts not only our clients’ confidence in us but also our own. It serves as a reminder of our achievements and the high standards we set for ourselves.

Our New Look:

The vibrant blue in our new logo conveys trust and professionalism, while the touches of orange and yellow add warmth and energy. The clever use of negative space in the letter “A” to incorporate our Arrowhead signifies our unique identity and creative prowess. This new look is designed to make our clients feel welcomed and confident in our abilities to bring their branding visions to life.

Join Us on This Journey:

We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter and look forward to seeing how our refreshed brand enhances the trust and confidence our clients have in us. Ready to see what a branding transformation can do for your business? Contact us at to start your branding journey today!

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