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Congrats to Kris Bridgeforth!

2020 Spartanburg Community College Grad!

Lanie here – President of Arrowhead Design Company. Today is such a happy day for the Arrowhead team. Our 10 month internship with Kris Bridgeforth officially turns into a full time Graphic Designer position. Kris has come a long was since stepping through our doors, learning from both his professors and his co-workers at Arrowhead.

We’ve asked Kris to answer some fun questions, that we think you will enjoy! :

What’s it like to be done with school foreverrr??
“Although school may be over, I feel like my learning has just began. It’s an exciting feeling to get started on the journey that I believed I worked really hard for and its a major accomplishment.”

If there is one thing you know you will apply from your degree directly to your design work at Arrowhead, what would it be?
“I believe that the knowledge I’ve gained of design principles such as balance, contrast, etc will be the most directly applicable at Arrowhead.”

Your 10 month internship with us has now turned into a full time graphic design position!! What are you most excited about?
“I’m super hype to just get better as a designer. I’ve never been in a position that landed me around other creatives and its been quite the experience as I’m constantly inspired to develop my creativity.”

What’s your favorite thing to design and what’s your least favorite?
“My favorite things to design are album covers, posters, advertisements, and although proven to be tougher than usual, logos! My least favorite would probably be postcards lol.”

Your experience was cut a little short at SCC due to the Corona Virus, so If you could say one thing to your professors what would it be?
“I would say it has been awesome to be a student of individuals who care about the success of their students and in this short time, it has motivated me to be where I am today.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“Well with Arrowhead’s rapid growth, I hope to see JUNIOR knocked off my position for starters lol. Where I see myself in five years is always changing, but I hope to be a reliable designer for ARROWHEAD DESIGN COMPANY INC!!!!”

**In case you’re wondering…JUNIOR was knocked off his title immediately :p

No Pressure! Let’s see if we’re a fit.

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