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Revitalizing Midway BBQ’s Online Presence

Midway BBQ, a renowned BBQ legacy in South Carolina, enlisted the expertise of The Arrowhead Squad to revamp its online presence. Known for its mouthwatering Hash and featured in Southern Living Magazine, Midway BBQ is a beloved staple in the Upstate area. The objective was to capture the essence of the cozy dining atmosphere and delicious home-cooked food through a website redesign.

Project Scope:

  • Website Redesign: The Arrowhead Squad crafted a website that mirrors the warmth of Midway BBQ’s restaurant, featuring easy navigation and showcasing the signature dishes, especially the famous Hash.
  • Local Charm: Emphasizing Midway BBQ’s hometown feel, the website highlights the rustic interiors with vibrant imagery and uses bright red hues reminiscent of the iconic picnic tablecloths.
  • Promotion of Offerings: Integration of Midway BBQ’s meat market and food truck services into the website provided detailed information and enticing visuals.
  • Design Elements: Eye-catching fonts and design elements were selected to evoke nostalgia and a sense of traditional Southern hospitality.

Through the collaboration with The Arrowhead Squad, Midway BBQ’s online platform was transformed to authentically reflect its charm and flavor. Visitors can now experience the warmth and taste of Union, SC, right from their screens.

The partnership not only enhanced Midway BBQ’s digital presence but also solidified its position as a culinary icon. The redesigned website invites both loyal patrons and new visitors to indulge in the flavors of tradition and hospitality that define Midway BBQ.

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